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About Michelle Cowell
Memories and experiences are what my family loves to reminisce about when we are together. As a curious person, I have always looked for adventure. From childhood camping trips in Baja California and the American West, to a degree in Anthropology and trips to far-flung corners of the world, travel provides so much to enjoy, recall and share with friends and family. I have guided whitewater rafting trips, taught yoga, owned a business, worked in a hotel, on a boat, and in a corporate office. All of this has led me to the travel industry!

My family and I, even our dog, lived in New Zealand for two years. We enjoyed new foods, especially “Pavlova”, learned to drive on the other side of the road, took up new sports like water polo and surf life-saving, and learned to appreciate well-made coffee. Flat Whites are a new personal favorite. We explored beautiful places all around New Zealand and, most importantly, made life-long friends. Living abroad gives perspective, teaches patience, and exercises resourcefulness; all qualities a Travel Advisor uses daily.

I tramp a perpetual journey.
~Walt Whitman, Song of Myself


My own travels around the world and my years spent living abroad have enriched my life. Joining Brownell, a Virtuoso agency, allows me access to a vast network of resources all over the world. Brownell is a “preferred partner” with the world’s best resorts, hotels, tour operators, cruise lines and destinations.


Through our connections and resources, we will handcraft an itinerary that is perfect for you. Listening to you allows us to learn what you, your family, friends or travel partners expect on each journey. With my colleagues around the world, we will plan a personalized trip that will create lifelong memories.


We will do our best to provide an exceptional trip and take care of the details big and small. The resources at our fingertips include hotels, guides, drivers, tour operators and restaurants. Customized experiences can be created for any occasion. Cowell Travel books each trip as if we were going on it ourselves.

Preferred Status

Cowell Travel can provide VIP amenities such as food, beverage and spa credits, complimentary upgrades and breakfasts. We personally call our contacts to sort out important details that pertain directly to your needs and desires. We have a saying at Brownell, “You can’t VIP yourself… but we can”.

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