A Mother-Daughter Trip to the Peruvian Amazon (from the daughter point of view)! Written by Maile Cowell

Our Amazon Voyage • LA, California – Lima, Peru – Iquitos, Peru – Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, Amazon River • One of our last sunset cruises on the Amazon River! As opposed to my friends on the beaches of various island resorts, my mom and I experienced the spring break of a lifetime on the Amazon
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Dreaming of Snow

Crested Butte, Skiing, luxury travel
Snow is starting to fall in Colorado and the western US, last week the Aspens were peaking and this week the snow is falling! As an avid winter enthusiast I enjoy sliding on snow in many different ways; snow-boarding because it is like surfing, skiing because it provides life long challenges and nordic skiing to
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Heart and Soul

Malibu, Heart Rock, Heart and Soul. Luxury Travel, Experiences
Heart and soul is what it is all about, last night I went to a talk that our local Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce presented. They had two very esteemed and successful local business people present to a large crowd of Chamber members and locals. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was prepared to […]
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Thank you Mom for instilling the love of travel and adventure; it is a gift that I am lucky to receive and fortunate to pass on to others. Whether it is a family camping trip or an African Safari, traveling is a gift that opens minds and hearts.
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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jalsa and Undraa from Nomadic Expeditions. Ask my family, I cannot stop talking about Mongolia! It is on my must see list and should be on yours too! Tour Mongolia in a Land Rover Defender? Ride a Mongolian pony across the plains and experience a true nomadic culture! […]
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