Fishing Australia 37,000 miles of Coastline, Rivers, Estuaries and more.

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Australia has 37,000 miles of coastline, many rivers, tidal creeks, estuaries, offshore reefs, blue-water, sport fishing, Australia is an Angler’s paradise! There are so many types of fish in Australia that you can visit many times and have a unique fishing experience over and over again. Working with my trusted partners in Australia, Cowell Travel can handcraft a fishing itinerary perfect for you and your friends or your family. DriftwaterKimberly Coastal CampDhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge, and Far North Sport Fishing are just four examples of operators representing the different areas and specialties available in Australia.

From fly fishing in Tasmania for wild brown trout to finding your bliss in a handmade wooden boat floating through pristine Tasmanian water with guides from Driftwater, there are many ways to explore this wonderful island!

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One of Driftwater’s handmade boats Photo Courtesy of Tourism Australia


Kimberly Coastal Camp in the Far North Kimberly region of Western Australia is the perfect location for remote tropical sport fishing.  Fish tidal rivers, estuaries, tidal flats, offshore reefs, islands, and blue-water fishing are all accessible from this private camp.  Whatever your fishing desire, Kimberly Coastal Camp can make it happen!

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Kimberly Coastal Camp, Photo Courtesy of Tourism Australia

Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge is located in the Far Northern Territory, only a short flight from Darwin on prime land nestled between two tidal rivers. Here you can fish for huge Barramundi and enjoy the thrill of some top notch catch and release!

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Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge, Photo Courtesy of Tourism Australia

Looking to the East Coast of Oz, there’s Far North Sport Fishing who accesses the fishing of the outer and far north area of the Great Barrier Reef. Black Marlin and other species such as Wahoo, Tuna, Red Emperor and GT’s (Grand Trevally’s) are the game in this area. Pair this trip with snorkeling or Scuba to experience life above and beneath the tropical sea!

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Far North Sport Fishing, Photo Courtesy of Tourism Australia.


The “Dreamtime Dozen” are a very exciting group of fish species or groups to fish in Australia!  This small list is only a starting point of what types of fish you can encounter while in Australia. The chart below shows that Australia is a year round fishing destination.  For more fishing information, reach out and let’s talk fishing in Australia! 310-310-0266.


Dreamtime Dozen chart courtesy of Tourism Australia


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