Heart and Soul

Malibu, Heart Rock, Heart and Soul. Luxury Travel, Experiences
Malibu, Heart Rock, Heart and Soul. Luxury Travel, Experiences

Heart rock, seen on the beach at Surfrider, Malibu CA.

Heart and soul is what it is all about, last night I went to a talk that our local Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce presented. They had two very esteemed and successful local business people present to a large crowd of Chamber members and locals. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was prepared to hear about numbers and trajectories. I was interested so I eagerly signed up because I respect and shop frequently at both places; Cafe Vida it is my family’s favorite go-to spot for any meal. Elyse Walker is a women’s clothing store where I purchased the beautiful dress I wore to my daughters graduation and my favorite comfy pants and tees. Both Elyse and Luis spoke from the heart, they both talked about ups and downs, failures and successes, and trusted partnerships. I went home knowing they both have heart and soul imbedded in what they do and create on a daily basis. Their stories were warm and sweet and both spoke of their loving and supportive families. Luis and Elyse shared their personal stories that lead to their current success, the path was not straightforward for either of them and there were setbacks and disappointments along the way. It gave me energy and hope because as we all know it is not always a straight path to wherever we are headed. I hope to always imbue what I do with heart and soul. My  host agency Brownell is full of  people with heart and the bonds formed in the travel industry are like family bonds. I write this as Hurricane Irma is tearing through the Caribbean and headed to the US and my social media feed is full of “stay safe” and “how can I help” messages from our travel family.

Today I fully appreciate the lessons from last night and the family I have at home and abroad. I am safe and dry and working from my office while the sun is shining brightly in Southern California.


Author: Michelle Cowell

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